Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear Friend,

I don't know how to start this letter without wondering why I'm even taking the time to write you. In my eyes, a friend is one that is there all the time. One that you can pick up where ever you left off and never even think that there was any time apart. A friend is one who always gives you a helping hand and asks nothing in return. One who calls/texts to just say hi even if they're super busy but take the time to acknowledge your existance.

Well, dear friend, you have failed at being one. You have failed me in more ways than one. I have always tried my best to be there for you at all times and at times, I may even put my life on hold to accomodate to your needs or to just be a great friend to you. I don't EXPECT anything in return but I would love to know that when I do need you, even if its just to talk, I can count on you. However, you have failed me. I shouldn't have to be the one who is always looking for you. I know that the world does not revolve around me and my issues but you as a friend should know better than to ignore the one person that you know will never let you down or leave you hanging.

Even though you have been there for a day in the life when I needed you, I feel as if you felt it more an obligation to be there than a genuine want to accompany me in such times. I do not want to feel like a burden or obligation to you. Please remember that you have a true friend in me but know that I know I will never have a true friend in you. When once you were a close friend, you have now passed on to be a simple acquiantance. ONe you turn to for a good time and not for a good friend. So long my friend and we will talk again when the "greatest party of all time" or "I need a favor" comes up.


One of the most reliable and best friends you could ever have =]

***Those that have befriended me, know that I will be there for them through anything because that is just the type of person I am. I do not toot my horn in vain. It's just sad to see that I haven't found too many friends like the type of friend that I am.


  1. WoW I loved how you expressed yourself in this letter I think we all have had a friend like this and I know that writing always helps me too vent deal with it and let it go Love this and thanks for sharing I can so relate too you

  2. Thanks Crys. I think a lot of people can relate but they choose not to express what they feel or do it in a way that it hurts someone directly. Thanks for reading!