Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Many people have seen this picture on my Facebook and Myspace. It is from June 2008. I think this is one of my nearest and dearest pictures because it was my mom's last birthday with us. IT is my last HAPPY/PARTY day as a family. This night presented itself in complete and utter harmony. We partied the night away and not once thought of her illness or any sadness. We look like a mix matched family but we meshed so well then. Our beautiful mother and her three very different children. What I wouldn't give to relive this memory. To dance girl to girl with my mommy. She taught me how to dance and we used to get down together haha. We didn't need a man to have a good time!
I tried to find a very old picture of us together but didn't have time. I'll make a later post to show you guys! =]

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