Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

Sorry! Whenever it comes to weekends, I fall behind on some posts but I always post 3 on MONDAYS!

I found out about Blogger through the youtube community. I started watching a lot of beauty videos around 2007 and more so around the last months I spent with my mom. We'd watch tutorials or music videos online often, the last few weeks, youtube is what kept a fraction of my sanity. I saw that a lot of people had blogs. I had NO clue what a blog was. (Yes, I'm that slow! haha) I started one because I thought I'd write about my weightloss (which never happened.) I kept it and wrote about things I knew instead. I'm glad that I did keep it because it helps me in so many ways. It helps me vent out pent up anger and emotions that I wouldn't normally say outloud. It also helps me help others appreciate the small things in life. I regret a 1000 times all the things I didnt appreciate in life when I was younger and If I can get through to ONE person on here, then I have done my job correctly. Plus, I also kept it because I love to write!

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