Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

A habit I wish I didn't have? Wow! Sooo many! haha. Well, my main bad habit is biting my nails. I think it all started when I was around 4 or 5. It all began with being molested but I belief that I had a post traumatic reaction to all of that. What child wouldn't, right? I began to bite my nails due to anxiety. The sad thing is that no one ever thought anything of it. My mom would just tell me not to do it but that didn't work. She went as far as to put chile on my fingers and I began to like chile! LOL She rubbed garlic on my fingers and then I had smelly fingers but it wasn't anything that I couldn't grow accustomed to liking (taste wise not smell.) haha.

Now, I'm 24 going on the big 25, and I STILL bite my nails! They will never grow normally again or so I'm told. I'm not the type of girly girl that paints her nails every day or every other day. I never will be because my love or habit of biting my nails is much bigger than my love for nail polish! LOL

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  1. I used to do that and I stopped doing it about 4 years ago. You just have to stop. I felt bad when this older guy I used to work with once asked to see my nails. I said no and then he said it because I was ashamed since I was biting them. I felt bad.

    Point is...stop because you want to stop. I guess I finally felt bad and I quit. Take it as un reto. See how long you can stop without biting them. lol