ADCs & Meaning Behind My New Tattoo

As I have mentioned before, I am a very family oriented type of girl. A lot of girls, more like women since I'm no longer under 20, *tear tear* aren't very family oriented and still choose to things with friends when given the choice between friends or family. But this is not to bash girls, it's just to tell you who I am and what I am about. I recently got a tattoo or various tattoos even though it was all intended to be one piece. I wanted something that had meaning to me. Up to now, I only have 3 tattoos but all 3 have a deep meaning to me. I don't know if I'd ever get a tattoo because I thought it was "cute." Again, I'm not bashing those that do because to each his own. I might do a spur of the moment cute tattoo but I'm pretty sure there would be some sort of meaning to it.

Any who, I decided to get 3 Stargazer Lilies. A stargazer lily is one that is bright pink with light pink and white and has brown spots all around. In reality, they are all lilies but they're hybrid lilies. I loved the "hybrid" idea of it all because in a sense, we are all hybrids. We are a mix of our mother and father, no one is exactly like us. So I went on to think of what color flowers I wanted and all that. I decided that I wanted two flowers of the same colors but the colors were to be inverted. I.E., I got two flowers that have yellow and orange in them. One flower has an orange center and as it gets to the tips of the petals, it turns yellow. The 2nd flower has a yellow center and as it gets out towards the tips of the petals, it turns orange. Those two flowers would represent my two brothers. We have the same mother but different father but that doesn't make a difference to me. In my perfect eyes, we are full blood brothers and that's the end of it! Technically, we are half brothers/sister but I don't see it that way. All you science oriented people, save your opinion because it won't make a difference! With that being the case, I wanted their flowers to be the same colors only inverted because even though they have the same parents, they aren't exactly the same. Pretty neat right?

The third flower, was placed in the center. This flower would represent me. I consider myself as the glue to our small family. So it would only be logical to be placed in the middle holding it all together. That 3rd flower is a bright pink, pink signifying a girl. I am the only girl and I am the baby of the family so it made perfect sense. My first session lasted 2 hours but my foot gave out on me. My leg began to just twitch and it was virtually impossible to finish the whole tattoo in one session. Tattoos in certain areas hurt...but man, I was not expecting foot tattoos to hurt that bad haha. Shading wasn't as bad but the line work, WOW!!! It's no wonder my poor nerves were all frazzled. Here are the pictures of the work that was done after the first session!

The Outline

After the 1st flower was outlined (big ouch) lol

Most of the flowers were done (tattoo artist was a cutie too lol)

After the 1st session..still need a lot of detail and other additions.

In a previous post I had mentioned After Death Communication (ADCs.) From the day my mom passed, I have been experiencing them. I wanted to include an ADC into my tattoo because without it, it wouldn't be complete. I will go into further detail of ADCs I've experienced in a different post because this was solely intended for the meaning of my new tattoo..I decided to add a butterfly to my 1/4 foot sleeve. It is said in Christianity or Catholicism that a white butterfly signifies the stages of human life. Once the soul has passed on and is in the heavens, your loved one appears to you as a white butterfly. As white would not show up properly on tattoos, I decided it to get it in lavender and purple. Lavender is the color of Cancer in general, hence my ribbon tattoo on my wrist. Another factor that gave me the green light on having it a lavender/purple color is that my mom's birth stone was Alexandrite. Alexandrites are amethyst. They are also a lavender color. It just seemed too much of a coincidence. So here is what my tattoo looked like after the 2nd session.

 I am scheduled to go in for a 3rd session to add more color, more details and just fix little things here and there. When I am to go? I have no clue because I am a slow healer and have been healing for a good month a half. haha.

Over all, this new tattoo has an immense meaning to me. In my own way, it was my vision of family put into a symbolic form. I loved the tattoo even though it hurt like hell and made my foot look like a fat tamale for a good 3 weeks! hehe. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what do they mean to you?


  1. i love the colors... especially the butterfly well being that my favorite color is purple! when i first saw ur tattoo i didnt really notice the change in the colors.. Great meaning!!

  2. What change in colors Val? Thanks it took me a few months to think on it because I didnt want to get something that I would regret getting.

  3. Thanks girly! For the pain, it better be pretty LOL