Emotional Vampires

I belive that anything  and everything can happen. I am a very sketpical person but if there is a good then there is definately a bad. I do not sit here and say that God, the Devil, heaven and hell don't exist but nor do I discredit that there are people out there that work with evil and good for witchcraft or that there are aliens. You just don't know what may or may not happen in this world. I think I am a fairly open minded person. I may not always agree or believe with that you preach but I won't criticize or tell you that you are wrong to believe.

Recently, I have felt very uncomfortable at work.I feel like I'm always being watched or like I am not alone. When physically, I am in fact alone. I alone work this office. I open, I close. I answer phones and do everything on my own so how is this possible? Well a friend's mother, now my friend as well, gave me her opinon and rendition of why I feel uncomfortable at work. I will quote what she said because she couldn't have worded it any better than I could have.

"I think that uncomfortable is more your working environment and the living around you. People bring energy around them and we also absorb others energy. You know how if you hear someone keep talking about how awful life is for them you think... why do I feel so bad? Well a good term is emotional vampire. They feed off others energy until they feel bad. Little dramatic but explains it. Your in an environment where people feel bad most of the time. When you go out side at times just stand and let all that go back into the ground. Called grounding yourself." -Patti

***Here's a link to where you can read and get some further information as to what Emotional Vampires are. What they pray on and what to do to avoid them!*** http://www.sixwise.com/newsletters/06/05/31/how-to-beware-of-emotional-vampires-intent-on-draining-you-of-all-your-precious-emotional-strength.htm

I totally agree with her but I hadn't thought of it that way. Emotional Vampire. I have so many of those in my life. I always hear about how their life is so awful and horrible. About how they are so upset because their boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't do this or that. I hear complaints about how they do not get paid enough, they don't know what to do with their current relationships, how they feel suicidal for the smallest of things. I do not judge them but at times I do let them know a piece of my mind. There are others out there that are going through so much. They have a terminal illness, have family members with illnesses, or are homeless but they always find a light at the end of the day. They may complain but hey! They have a GOOD REASON TO COMPLAIN! But sometimes, even those that do trully have a, for lack of a better term, a fucked up ass life, they don't complain as much as those that have not gone through a damn thing! I'm a complainer and I'm not going to deny it. I have complained about my job, yes the people are awful but in the end, that's them not me. So long as I do my job, I get my paycheck, and I survive, then that's all that matters. Every other complaint isn't even important enough to stop me from living. It is hard to put up with negative people but it shouldn't affect your way of living or quality of life. As for other small complaints, they don't even cross my mind because nothing really matters so long as I am healthy, my family is healthy and alive, then that's all that matters to me.
I shall follow Patti's advice and ground myself. No matter where you go, you will always come upon negative people that come into the room and you feel that negativity tread on your shoulders. At least, I feel a heaviness either on my chest or my shoulders whenever I walk into a business or home with lots of negativity. Sometimes it gets so bad that I get bad headaches after the negative person leaves my sight or I leave the place where negativity radiates. My best advice is just to forget everyone and worry about yourself and your loved ones. If you're not negative, then there shouldn't be a reason why you let others' negativity affect you!


  1. Are you one of those girls that people come to and tell them about all their problems? Because I know, I am. They never tell me the good, only the bad. lol

  2. LOL man I didnt even see this post...BUT OH YES! That's me...I think that if I were a therapist of some sort, I'd be rich! LOL Everyone always tells me their issues. It's weird bc even people I just meet have enough comfort to tell me their problems or their life story lol