Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Oh wow haha. I have so many nicknames that it's crazy! Every person I know has "baptized me" with a nickname or another. I think that listing them and putting the reason why next to it would be easier than to just explain in depth why each name was given to me.

Liz-Short for my real name, Lizeth
Lizzie-Friends from high school thought it was cuter than Liz I guess lol
Korita-At 18, I started hanging with a crowd outside of high school and they named me that because my mom was from Nayarit, Mexico and they call people from there Coras.
Gordis-My mom always called me that bc I've always been her gorda lol
Bookie-My older brother heard a lady calling her daughter that and he just started calling me that lol
FattyTissue- LOL again my older brother

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