Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

When I read this question, I automically thought of wanting to switch with someone who has all the money in the world, doesnt worry about their future and has fun. But the more I thought about it, that person has to worry about where their money is invested, who is trying to rob them, who is their real friend, etc. If that were the case, I think I'll stay the way I am. I won't even bother thinking of who or why. I wouldn't want to switch my life with anyone I know of. My life is f'd up as it is. Why would I want to go and experience someone else's problems, inner turmoils, etc.? I'll pass on that one! I'm not happy with how things are now and even if people tell me "you make your own life and you decide blah blah blah," sometimes, you have no choice. You work where you work because you NEED the money not because you really love your job. Sometimes you stay in a relationship that maybe should have ended a long time ago because that is all you know, that person is all you have or you're just so used to it that you don't want anything to change. Ultimately, there are things you CHOOSE but some things you really don't have control over because it provides for what you need. With that said, I would just stay right where I am.

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  1. Yeah I feel you on this one although I fantasize with you... I kinda like my drama free life and wouldn't want to live know one Else's not even it with a day filled with millions of dollars