Day 01-A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I am currently at work but since my work for the week is done, I took the time to write this blog and to take the picture at work too! haha. I work ahead all the time so that I have time to myself at work (before anyone thinks that I don't work or do my job!) Don't Judge me! I don't wear make up or dress up to go to work. For what? I work alone and we have no patients because we are a satellite office of our main office...SoOo I can technically show up in sweats and no one would know! haha So here are my 15 facts!

1. I have an amazing ability to appear happy and joke around to deal with inner turmoils.
2. I was top 2% Nationally on the Top Smartest kids in high school (or something to that sort haha)
3. The first time I cooked, I thought I'd make Brown Rice and Carne con chile...I thought Brown rice would be made by putting extra consome de pollo...let's just say it was BROWN but super nasty! . (u buy brown rice and make it like regular brown rice) LOL
4. I had the fear of being  mentally challenged after I turned 18 since I have a lot of family members that developed schizophrenia in their teens.
5. I tend to act like a man because that's how my mom showed me to be! lol (a girly man LOL)
6. I love to read/write but don't do it as much as I wish I could.
7. I was molested as a child. (maybe some day I will be able to talk/write about it.)
8. I was raped senior year in high school and the one person I told, said "Maybe you caused it." So now only a select few know about it. ( I guess many will know after this post.)
9. I have a mother/nurturing side to me despite my "hard" exterior.
10. I rarely can keep girl friends close because it always turns into drama.
11. I fear being alone, even though I like to spend my days alone (yeah, I contradict myself)
12. I have had After Death experiences with family membes that have passed away.
13. At times, I wish my mom would come back and take me with her.
14. The "paranormal" doesn't scare me at all.
15. I think I am a Masochist when it comes to tattoos! I love the feeling! haha


  1. HEY YOU! WOW!
    Why haven't you KIT?
    Call Me!

  2. Wow what? lol
    I text you and I called you for Joe's potluck but I get tired of havnig to look foryou guys all the time! lol

  3. LOL you still look cute :) OMG i'm so glad I wasn't the one tasting that nasty ass rice lmao too funny. I feel you on contradicting yoruself, I do the same lol sorry to hear about your rape, its awful. i've been hrough something similar but not rape, molested. It's awful and who ever told you that "you may have caused it" is so dam ignorant and I hope they never go though something similar cuz karma is a bitch and what you do in this lifetime you pay for it in yours if not with your kids its sad but true. Can't wait to read more :)

  4. Wow you have been through a lot. It takes really a strong person to be able to say what you have. I wouldn't have the guts. But overall, you are strong. Keep that in mind at all times, you are a strong woman!

  5. Mayra: lol yeah that rice was just BAD! My older brother is a sweetheart though! He said "fuck it ey! just throw some lemon on it! Don't even trip!" LOL and he ate it...

  6. Lilly: A lot of ppl tell me that I'm a strong girl but I still don't see it. I just learned to roll with the punches. I think that talking about things is hard for me but writing about them comes easy. So that's my "outlet" if you will. I definately think you should jump on Mayra's bandwagon with 30 days of me lol