The Little Things

We live in such a fast paced world that we hardly take the time to appreciate all the little things the people around us have to offer. "It's the little things that count." A very cliche quote but it couldn't have been expressed any better way. I appreciate the little things but I wasn't always this way. As a child and as a snotty nosed teen, I didn't see the kindness in people's words or actions. I didn't see the acts of kindness done for me because I was either 1. Filled with anger or 2. just plain unappreciative. Now, as an adult, I remember all the little things that came my way that I never took the opportunity to appreciate and thank those that made the offering.

As my wisdom tooth extraction surgery nears by, I find myself thinking of all the little things. I have always known that what may not be a big deal to you, may be a big deal to another. Co-workers have said "get over it. It's just a small surgery. You won't feel a thing." I have heard a few horror stories from some friends. I understand that many people have gone through it. Yes, almost all, if not all have survived it. Yes, it is a small surgery that leaves 1-4 huge holes in your mouth. However, it being my first "surgery" and to top it off, my first surgery without my mother, it takes a lot more importance in my life.

Having this procedure done takes me back to the days when my mom was always by my side. Every time I was sick, she stayed up all night caring for me. If I had a paper cut, she'd take the time to kiss it and put a band aid to cure me. She did anything and everything to make even the smallest of things go away. At around age 8, I was hospitalized for pneumonia. My mom only left my side while she was at work. At the time I just knew I wanted and needed her there by my side but I never put any thought to what it took for her to be there. She worked a 12-14 hour shift to be able to support my brothers and I. Yet, she never missed one day of visits! She stayed and slept in my bed with me. Got up, went home, showered and back to work it was. Now, as an adult, I see how much it took from her to be there for me every day just so that I would not feel alone. All the time and energy and sleepless days just so that her little girl wouldn't have to be alone. I know she knew I appreciated it but I regret not ever thanking for it. It's the little things that count, it's the little things that you remember as as adult.

Now, as an adult, I should be able to go through this alone. I will go through this alone but it does not keep me from wishing that I had my mom to be there to care for me or even if I had to care for her but just to have her mere presence there, is all that would suffice to make me feel better. I have to care for myself because everyone has their own family to care for and/or have other things that are more important to do. Thank those friends/family members that have taken the time to ask if you were okay even if there was absolutely nothing wrong. Don't take it as if they are being nosey and most important of all, don't answer in a rude way. Never take for granted a simple gesture from a friend or family member because sooner than later, that person will give up on you due to your ungratefulness. So if you're reading this, if your parents or whoever is there for you at all hours and days of the year, take the time to thank them for every single time they were there. Thank them for all the small things that made all the difference and never forget that "It's the little things that count."

**Not a lecture. Just a thought.

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