I feel horrible for neglecting the blog. I have many excuses, all valid, PROMISE! (not that I have that many followers on here haha but still!)

I started school this semester and let me tell you, it has been kicking my ass! I am currently attending school full time and working full time. Everyday is a 12-15 hour day depending on how long I stay at school. So far, some of my teachers are complete nuts, however, I love that they're so real with you. There is one particular teacher that is "THEE NUT" LOL he's just out there but I enjoy his class the most because he tells you how it is. He doesn't sugar coat anything and he tells you straight out that if you can't take it, to "get the fuck out of my class!" LOL It really does not get anymore real than that. I have also learned that I am not that great of a writer as I may have thought or had been told. I have an advanced english composition class in which I am not failing miserable per say but I had a cruel reality check.

 All in all, I missed being in school. I have worked full time and handled 22 units (almost 2 full school schedules?) before so I know that this is just a fraction of what I used to be able to handle.However, I feel so old! This schedule I'm on is only a fraction of what I was capable of handling before. I'm starting to realize that I am not that young anymore or maybe I may still be young but I feel soo old! To top it off, I have been sick for going on a month this Monday. I came down with Bronchitis and beginings of Pneumonia and let me tell you, that has been kicking my ass too! lol So the combination of this illness, full time work, and full time school, it is a miracle I have not yet fallen apart.

Also, there is a fairly new worker in our office. He has been here for about a month and a half and it's been nothing but a hassle. If I thought that my boss was a lot to handle, boy was I wrong! I have double the work and we still don't cut the quota every week. It's very frustrating when so much is expected of you and yet, can't meet the expectations because of one worker. Since his arrival to our office, my office hours (when he is present) have been horrible. His attitude and way of acting gives me whiplash. One day he's a happy go lucky guy that is all smiles. The next, he's a raging bitch that is rude, loud, and tries to boss me around like if I'm his factory worker or something. Thanks to having learned patience, I haven't snapped and shown him the bitch in me lol.

I believe that is all there is to update in my life. Hope all of you are in great health, well rested, and happy! Toodles XoXo

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