Small Change

So I was feeling sorta blah the other day. I debated on what to do to change my appearance. Well, I can't lose 40lbs from day to night...I could have done my make up but had no where to go! I could have changed my outfit but again, no where to go! So, the next best thing was dye my hair! It's been close to 2 years since I last dyed my hair. I've cut it about 4 times in two years and believe me, everytime this hair stylist of mine cuts my hair, she CUTS my hair! LOL She chopped off about 7 inches the first time around and this last time she chopped off abaout 6 inches of length. So, I don't have ANY hair dye in my hair what so ever now.

To be quite honest, I DON'T know what my natural hair color is. As a baby, I had light brown hair and the tips were a golden brown. Why? I have no clue! As I got older, the lighter it would get! By the time I was in middle school it looke dlike I had bleached my hair and was running around with black roots lol. So my love for dying my hair begun! I dyed it for the first time at age 13 and never stopped until 2 years ago (mind you, I'm 24 now.)

How can hair change your entire look and make you feel like a "new" person? It's amazing what a simple hair cut or hair dye can do to the physical appearance of a person and even more amazing how it makes that person feel! When the change is drastic, you notice right away! I.E. Black to Blonde...Blonde to red..and vice versa. But back to my hair color. It was a chocolate brown on the top but when you look at it under the light or out in the sun, my hair is anything but ONE color! I have strands of blonde, light brown, reds, dark browns. It's ridiculous how many colors I have in there! My brother's hair is the same way! His beard grows in 3 different colors (the reason why he never lets it grow.) Our mom had dark black hair, her brother is a redhead and my grandpa had ashy blonde with brown streaks in his hair. Go figure! We got a weird mix of it all! lol

I dyed my hair Dark Auburn. No one seemed to notice. Which sort of made me feel down in the dumps (LOL) because no one noticed! I asked my bf this morning "hey did you noticed I died my hair???" His response "Nah uh! NO you didn't! Wait, did you? You did??? It looks the same to me!" My brother sat with me at work for nearly 3 hours and didn't notice either. So much for change right? Well, now my hair is a dark auburn but if you look at it, it looks like I have all sorts of highlights and low lights going on! Small change but it was a spur of the moment/moment of boredom decision.

Old Hair color

New Hair Color:

Not much difference right?

Now look at it under the light without the flash. (flash mutes out hair color)

I notice a difference but maybe because I dyed it myself. Over all, #BIGFAIL at change LOL. If you're not going to make a BIG change, save your hair follicles and DON'T dye your hair!


  1. When I feel like that i do just that dye my hair been doing it forever you can see this crazy red hair i have now lol i use the loreal hicolor for dark hair its awesome and you dont need to bleach ur hair the color comes out great you should try it out you might see a difference

  2. Good one. With the flash it's not even noticeable, but I guess if you're making a huge change then people will notice it. I like the color. It looks great on you.

  3. Cry: lol Yeah I saw your hair! Well, I've been seeing it haha. My hair color already washed out!

    Lilly: lol yeah I know! It's already gone actually. Back to my normal hair color haha