Dia de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is a holiday and fond tradition of those of Mexican descent. This holiday's main purpose to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. The celebrations occur on November 2 .It has come from Roman Catholic Holidays All Saints Day And All Souls Day (November 1st and 2nd.) On the day of the dead it is tradition to build private alters in the home with pictures of the dead, their favorite foods, drinks, candles, and flowers.

Last year was my first time actually celebrating that holiday. In the past, I had seen my mom put up candles to the dead but she did it through out the year not just on that holiday. Building alters and going all out was never really our tradition despite our Mexican heritage. I tried my best to build one last year and it was an utter mess! lol I went out and bought burgers and fries from my mom's favorite place. Her favorite drink from there was an ice cold Orange Bang. So I set it all out on an alter type thing that i set up. I put her food, flowers and pictures. I also added candles. Before the end of the night, the food was SWARMING in ants, her candles had blown out, and I just felt like I failed at doing a good job of building one.

This year, I figured I'd build one for her at her gravesite but since I am at work, I will be unable to do do so. I get out at 5pm and the cemetery closes at 6pm. By 5:50, they are kicking you out and so with all the traffic on the 91 and the time I get out, I wont be there until 5 mins till they start shooing you away. I feel beyond guilty for not going but I know I won't make it on time. I hope that she understands why I may not be able to to go until the weekend. I will buy her flowers and put them in her room for now but even that seems like it is not enough. I have not forgotten her for I never will but it sure does feel that way.

To all those that build big beautiful alters and take days in preparing, tutor me! I NEED help in that department because I failed at being a good daughter and setting one up. =[ If you follow this tradition, feel free to leave me a comment or pictures on the comment section to show me your alters! I would love to see!

To a mother who has lost a child,Rest In Peace
To a child who has lost their mother/father
To a family who have just lost a member,
To a friend who has just lost a friend,

Luisa Perez-Grandma (mommy's mommy)
Maria Guadalupe Ocampo -My Mommy
Maria E. Ocampo- My tia (like a 2nd mommy to me)
Maria De Jesus Rodriguez (grandpa's mommy, my great grandmother on my dad's side)
Juan Arevalo- (grandma's pops, my great grandfather on my dad's side)
Angelita Robles-( My "bolita" my brothers' grandmother on their dad's side)
Faustino Robles-(My "bolito" my brothers' grandfather on their dad's side)
Xavier Camacho Medina- Val's baby
Cathy, Aracely, & Joel's Mommy & Daddy

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