Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

My baby Chiquis in her  Myspace Pose!
 LOL Momma taught her well =p

Getting Chiquis was the best thing I could have ever done! I don't regret all the ER hospital bills and the money I have spent on her. She has done so much more for me than anyone could ever imagine. I got her about 6 months after my mother passed away. Those 6 months were agonizing. The few hours I spent at home alone and then after being unemployed, I spent all day alone. Once little Chiquis came along, I didn't know what loneliness was. If I was depressed, she'd lay in bed snuggled up against me ALL DAY! Not one complaint or word of offense.

She motivated me to get up in the mornings to walk her out, feed, her bathe her. I once again had someone to employ my time with. I loved watching her grow and dressing her up everyday. Now she has become more of a "Daddy's Girl" LOL because she likes my boyfriend more than me but I still love her. She brings light into my life like no other person (yes, I consider her just like a human being!) ever has in the past year and couple months.

My baby likes to sit shot gun and let her hair loose in the wind! LOL

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